From within the security domain we have developed and gathered different fields of expertise:

  • Cyber Security With over 25 years of expertise and active participation in Internet Network Security, we can help you optimize your protection against digital threads.
  • Security Management We have the experience of managing security teams and giving guidance in the over-all security optimization cycles.
  • Information Systems Auditing We have seen a lot of different security solutions as independent auditor and had the opportunity to evaluate them. This gives us an advantage when performing other roles.
  • SCADA security This is the biggest Cyber Security thread for this moment. With the experience of legacy systems communications and knowledge of industrial protocols like MODBUS we understand the gap between industrial networks and office networks, and the huge difference in how they should be treated as well.
  • Embedded Systems and Hardware design What started with flight safety evolved to the use of drones, let to a series of newly developed embedded systems for flight safely, long distance telemetry and automatic object avoidance for common off-the-shelf drones.
Cisco Certification
Checkpoint Certification